It's with immense pride that we at Cloudvirga announce our recognition as one of the "Best Places to Work in LA" for the sixth year running, a testament from Built In that honors our vibrant culture and unwavering dedication to our team's well-being and professional growth.

This recognition resonates deeply with our ethos—a reflection of our commitment to an environment where innovation thrives and collaboration is celebrated. We've created a space where technology meets humanity, enabling our team to push boundaries while feeling supported and valued.

Our CEO, Maria Moskver, articulates this sentiment best, “We’re thrilled to receive this impressive award, particularly since we’ve made it a priority to create a work environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and mutually supportive productivity."

Built In is an online community for national startups and tech companies, providing industry resources, job search functionality, tech news and other relevant information. Winners of their Best Places to Work awards are determined by an algorithm, using company data about compensation and benefits. To reflect the benefits candidates are searching for more frequently on Built In, the program also weighs criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for DEI and other people-first cultural offerings.  

“I’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2024 Best Places to Work winners,” said Maria Christopoulos Katris. “I am truly inspired by these companies that have risen to the challenge of fostering a positive work environment, maintaining a strong brand, and ensuring employee satisfaction. The future is filled with promise, and we are so excited to see what lies ahead.”

Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to carve out a space that's recognized not just for the technology we create but for the culture we cherish. Here's to celebrating our achievements and to the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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