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Scalability, reliability, efficiency, and the industry’s best experience are hallmarks of the Cloudvirga brand. We know they are yours as well.

Why Cloudvirga Horizon?

At Cloudvirga we know that you require a seamless brand experience with technology that is always on and creates the best experience. We have brought together the right tools to help build and protect your brand while creating the best and most efficient experience for your customers and Loan Officers.

Your business requires more and Horizon delivers.

Distributed Retail and Consumer Direct Models

Whether it’s individualized branches across the country or a call center environment, Cloudvirga’s Horizon platform allows for localized branch experiences, permissions, and branding.

A True Partner

At Cloudvirga we actively solicit feedback from our clients to constantly have the industry’s best technology and all in your brand—no watermarks or "powered by", just yours.

Scalable and Reliable

Since our inception in 2017, a core focus has been creating and maintaining a platform that can scale to your business as well as all our existing clients, while constantly being available with minimal client upkeep. Welcome to Horizon.

Customer Dashboard "For Life"

Relationships don't end at closing, and neither should your customer's access. With Cloudvirga your customers have access for life.

White-Labeled & Configurable

You brand, their experience. Our platforms are completely white labeled customizable, creating a seamless experience from start to finish.

Appraisal Management

Get the commitment you need upfront and the tracking you deserve with appraisal ordering, payments, and updates in one place.

Product & Pricing Platform

Our industry best product and pricing tools get the information you need, when you need it and all with real-time accuracy. Quote with confidence.
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Built-in fee calculations

With Horizon, the difficult calculations are completed for you. Whether it’s mortgage insurance, VA Funding, FHA UFMIP, and more, our platform instantly gives you the right calculations in one place.

Lender and third party fees
in real time

Speak to your customers and disclose with confidence. Our platform instantly reaches out to multiple sources to make sure the figures your Loan Officers disclose are correct from the first click to the last.

Loan Comparison letter builder

Compare up to five loan scenarios, including all fees, cash to close, and payments in a professional quality deliverable. Helping your Loan Officers create trust and give their customers more options.

Change of Circumstance protection

Horizon is constantly scanning the loan data for any changes that would trigger a reprice or re-disclosure and alerts your Loan Officers and makes them complete it before the loan moves forward.

Experience is Everything

9.2 out of 10 Customer Satisfaction Score
Creating the best experience for your customer is our #1 priority.

Government Center

Our best-in-class government center allows your Loan Officers to complete even the most complex loan scenarios within seconds in one place. Creating the best experience for your customers and them.
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Determine eligibility

Our platform helps you instantly determine eligibility for FHA, VA, and USDA loans by asking the right questions, at the right time, all in one place.

Automatic and program specific calculations

Program specific calculations such as VA Funding Fee and FHA UFMIP are completed with the click of a button, making even the most complex loan simple.

Dynamic pricing and fee

With dynamic program pricing and fee capabilities, you can instantly see all associated pricing and fee options across all rates and terms instantly, accurately, and on one screen.

Pre-Approval Letters

Instantly create customizable pre-approval letters for your customers then deliver them where and when they need it.

Dynamic Application Workflow

Horizon's dynamic workflow adjusts with your customer input, creating a custom experience for them from the first click.

Dual AUS

We know your customers want options and our platform delivers. Instantly run DU and LPA simultaneously with one click.

Automated Initial Disclosures

Horizon allows you to create Initial Disclosures with just one click all within our platform, and with tracking to boot.

Electronic Documents & Signatures

We understand that your customers need convenience. Horizon allows them to give eConsent and eSign disclosers in our platform.

Detailed User Provisioning

From across the office to across the country, you can easily customize permission levels for an individual, team, branch, region, or enterprise.

Maximize your customer experience and originator efficiency today!

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