Leading the Digital Evolution in Lending

Cloudvirga is disrupting an industry entrenched in labor-intensive processes, fragmented systems and heavy regulations with a single platform that empowers consumers, drives down costs and introduces true automation.

Laptop Monitor Showing CloudVirga's Mortgage Platform Screen with Useful Information Next to a Circle Detailing How Costs Would be Driven Down CloudVirga's Mortgage Platform Automates Many of the Tasks It Takes to Complete a Loan, Driving Fulfillment Costs Lower Than the Industry Average of $2600

A Cloud Based Enterprise Platform

The intelligent Mortgage Platform® capitalizes on best-of-breed vendor integrations automated throughout the entire loan cycle, where data (not PDF's/images) drives the optimal workflow.

We built a digital solution critical in today's market to remove the fragmentation and inefficiency that is driving the cost to do a loan to record levels.

Transforming the Mortgage Experience

  • Fastest Point of Sale process in the industry for borrowers to execute Initial Disclosures, verify income/assets electronically, order appraisal, and upload documents.
  • Transparent, consistent experience throughout the loan process, minimizing surprises for borrowers.
  • Data-driven platform reduces human error in workflow.
  • iSave takes "save" to a whole new level not seen in any mortgage platform today.
  • Automates TRID compliance by issuing Federal and state required disclosures throughout the loan cycle.
  • Single, unified platform to shop for a home, compare rates, apply for loans and interact on any device.
  • Increases profitability by eliminating redundant processing steps and manual components.
  • Introduces ‘gamification’ to drive the loan process based on weighted tasks and loan scores instead of pipeline views.
  • Increases transparency and reduces compliance/tolerance issues by having title, escrow, borrower, realtor and lender interact within the same system.

The Old Way

36 Days
Illustration of How Convoluted and Difficult the Process of Loan Lending Was Before, Taking on Average 36 Days to Lend a Loan

The New Way

A Few Days
Illustration of How the Loan Lending Process Has Improved Because of Cloudvirga's Streamlined Platform that Speeds Up The Process to a Few Days
Screenshot of the CloudVirga App Showing One of the FunctionalitiesScreenshot of the CloudVirga App Showing One of the FunctionalitiesScreenshot of the CloudVirga App Showing One of the Functionalities

Home Loan and Home Search in One App

  • Discover your buying power
  • Search for homes
  • Shop for rates
  • Apply for a loan
  • Favorite loan options and send to anyone
  • Get pre-approved
Your customers can download your app on iTunes or the Google Play store.


Innovation Runs Deep

The story behind cloudvirga is unique. We began as an internal development initiative within one of the country’s top 25 lenders. It was an experiment to see if it was possible to transform the chaos and manual processes in lending with a more robust workflow and consistent consumer experience, while truly moving the needle on driving down rising loan costs.

Being built within a major lender provided unparalleled access to typical challenges lenders face. Five thousand loans later, the intelligent Mortgage Platform® is the real deal. We made it more efficient, very compliant, and less costly to close a loan. Best of all, we made it better for the consumer.

Cloudvirga is now deploying with several lender partners that share our core belief that we cannot simply “shift” from one software platform to another—we need to fundamentally transform how loans are done.


CEO of CloudVirga, Bill Dallas
Bill Dallas CEO
  • History of profitable ventures in lending and fintech
  • Industry expert and innovator
  • Founder of numerous residential lenders and independent banks
CIO of CloudVirga, Mark Attaway
  • 25 years in real estate technology development
  • CIO for Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
  • Co-founder of AQUA for LSI /ServiceLink
COO of CloudVirga, Kyle Kamrooz
Kyle Kamrooz COO/PRODUCT
  • Built 50-state fulfillment lender by age 27 >$7b
  • 16 Years in lending and Fintech
  • Expert in Workflow & Fulfillment Automation
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