Cloudvirga Announces Expanded Integration with Informative Research's Verification Platform

Cloudvirga expands its integration with Informative Research to streamline verification processes in mortgage lending. The enhanced feature allows originators to access comprehensive employment and income data efficiently, significantly speeding up underwriting. This integration aims to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and enhance borrower experience.
A New Kind of Mortgage Market Requires a New Kind of POS
Point-of-sale (POS) solutions are evolving to meet the demands of a fluctuating mortgage market, focusing on efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced borrower experiences. This article explores how lenders adapt their POS systems to provide more than just transactional support, aiming for a comprehensive tool that offers real-time updates, increased automation, and meets the expectations of tech-savvy, younger homebuyers. As the market shifts, lenders are leveraging advanced POS features to improve operations and stay competitive.


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