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Point-of-Sale solutions in the mortgage industry are often disconnected from other important systems, confusing, or overly complex. That's why we designed our solution to offer the most streamlined experience throughout the entire origination process.

With extensive experience in the mortgage industry spanning decades, we understand the significance of delivering exceptional experiences to home buyers. Cloudvirga’s suite of tools will drive efficiency across your organization and delight everyone involved with every touchpoint.

Product Offerings

Cloudvirga Has You Covered

We know not all mortgages are created the same, which is why we built technology to help you navigate multiple channels and be wherever your business needs you.


Whether it’s Retail, Distributed Retail, or Consumer Direct, our Horizon platform has the best tools and experience for your customers and Loan Officers.

Horizon Wholesale

Third Party Origination is all about experience. Our robust, end-to-end platform has everything your broker partners need to streamline Wholesale Lenders into their workflow.
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Horizon Home Equity

Key Features

Powerful Innovations,
Essential Features


Government Center

With our robust Government Center your team will be able to tackle even the most difficult government loan in one place, instantly.

Mobile Optimized Design

Any screen, anytime, anywhere. Our mobile-optimized design ensures that your customers can access our platform when and where they need it without downloading a cumbersome app.

Advanced Pricing & Fees Platform

With our groundbreaking real-time pricing and fees platform, establish trust right from the initial conversation. Accurately disclose third-party and local fees to your customers, fostering transparency and confidence from the very first quote.

E-Verification Suite

Our comprehensive e-Verification suite ensures that your team has the tools to create an underwriter-ready loan on day one. From verifying income and employment to assets and eConsent, we have you covered.

Originator Dashboards

Customizable dashboards with real-time updates provide easy access to important information, pipeline tracking, loan status updates and prompts for required actions so that originators can maximize efficiency.

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