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Credit Unions

When it comes to Member experience, reliability, brand protection, and delivering the industry's best experience, Cloudvirga shares the same values as Credit Unions like yours. We understand the importance of maintaining your brand reputation and providing exceptional service to our valued members.

Why Choose Cloudvirga Horizon?

At Cloudvirga, we recognize your need for a seamless brand experience combined with always-on technology that enhances member and Loan Officer satisfaction. With Horizon, we bring together the perfect blend of tools to support and safeguard your brand while delivering the most efficient and exceptional experience to your Members and Loan Officers.

Horizon: Going Above and Beyond

Distributed Retail Model

Horizon is tailored to meet the needs of the credit union landscape, and we take it a step further with our Distributed Retail model. This model allows for a localized branch experience, customized permissions, and branding, ensuring a cohesive and personalized approach that resonates with your valued members.

Seamless Brand Experience

With Horizon, your brand takes center stage. From access points to integrations, we ensure that our members exclusively interact with your brand, including customized URLs. No watermarks or "powered by" labels—just a seamless brand experience that aligns with your credit union's identity and values.

SOC2 Type II

We understand that protecting your brand integrity and your members' information is of utmost importance. That's why we maintain our SOC2 Type II certification, renewing it annually to ensure robust data security and compliance. This commitment provides peace of mind for you and our members, reinforcing our dedication to their financial well-being.

Member Dashboard: A Lifelong Connection

At Cloudvirga, we believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships with your members. Our “Customer Dashboard” ensures that even after closing, your members maintain access to their accounts and information, fostering ongoing engagement and support.

Fully Customizable and Branded Experience

Your brand, your vision. Our platforms are entirely white-labeled and customizable, providing a seamless and cohesive experience for your members from beginning to end. Tailor the platform to align with your brand identity, ensuring a consistent and personalized journey.

Appraisal Management

Simplify the appraisal process with our integrated Appraisal Management system. From ordering appraisals to managing payments and tracking updates, everything is centralized in one convenient location. Gain the commitment you need upfront while enjoying streamlined tracking and efficient communication throughout the appraisal process.

Experience is Everything

Creating the best experience for your members is our #1 priority.


Member Satisfaction Score

Streamlined Product & Pricing Platform

Experience the power of our industry-leading product and pricing tools that provide you with accurate information in real-time, ensuring you can quote with confidence.
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Effortless Fee Calculations

Leave the complex calculations to Horizon. From mortgage insurance to VA Funding, FHA, UFMIP, and more, our platform handles all the intricate fee calculations for you. Access the right figures you need, conveniently consolidated in one place.

Real-time Lender and Third-Party Fees

Engage with your members and disclose loan details with confidence. Our platform instantly retrieves data from multiple sources, ensuring that the figures your Loan Officers disclose are precise from the first click to the final disclosure.

Create Professional Loan Comparison Letters

Empower your Loan Officers to provide members with more options and build trust. With our Loan Comparison letter builder, your Loan Officers can compare up to five loan scenarios, including all fees, cash to close, and payments. Deliver professional-quality loan comparison letters that showcase the advantages of different loan options.

Change of Circumstance Protection

Rest easy knowing that Horizon diligently monitors your loan data for any changes that may trigger a reprice or require redisclosure. Our platform promptly alerts your Loan Officers, ensuring they complete the necessary updates before the loan progresses further.

Originator Dashboards

Customizable dashboards with real-time updates provide easy access to important information, pipeline tracking, loan status updates and prompts for required actions so that originators can maximize efficiency.

Government Center

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of our best-in-class Government Center, designed to empower your Loan Officers to navigate even the most intricate loan scenarios seamlessly, delivering an exceptional experience for them and their borrowers.
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Instant Eligibility Determination

Our platform simplifies the process of determining eligibility for FHA, VA, and USDA loans. By asking the right questions at the right time, all in one place, we enable your Loan Officers to obtain instant eligibility results, streamlining the loan qualification process.

Automated Program-Specific Calculations

Say goodbye to manual calculations. Our platform automates program-specific calculations, such as VA Funding Fees and FHA UFMIP, with just a click of a button. This automation simplifies even the most complex loan scenarios, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy.

Dynamic Pricing and Fee Analysis

Empower your Loan Officers to make informed decisions with accurate and up-to-date pricing and fee information. Our platform provides instant access to all associated pricing and fee options across rates and terms, all conveniently displayed on a single screen.

E-Verification Suite

Unlock significant time savings and create a seamless borrower experience with our advanced eVerification suite. By collecting all the necessary information upfront, our suite streamlines the processing timeline, enabling you to create underwriter-ready files quickly and accurately disclose the details to your borrowers.
Instant Verification of Income, Employment, and Assets
Obtain eConsent Upfrontt
Effortlessly eSign Initial Disclosures
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Pre-Approval Letters

Create personalized pre-approval letters for your borrowers instantly and customize them according to their unique requirements.

Dynamic Application Workflow

Our dynamic workflow adjusts in real-time based on borrower input, creating a tailored experience.

Dual AUS

Run Desktop Underwriter (DU) and Loan Product Advisor (LPA) simultaneously. This dual AUS capability ensures that you can provide your customers with a variety of loan options quickly and efficiently.

Automated Initial Disclosures

Generate initial disclosures with a single click, all within our platform. Easily track and monitor the progress of these disclosures, keeping you in control and ensuring compliance.

Electronic Documents & Signatures

We recognize the importance of convenience for your members. With Horizon, your borrowers can provide eConsent and eSign disclosures within our platform. Say goodbye to paper-based processes and provide your members with a seamless and digital experience.

Flexible User & Account Level Permissions

Manage user permissions with ease. Our platform allows you to customize permission levels for individuals, teams, branches, regions, or even the entire enterprise. Maintain control and security while ensuring seamless collaboration.

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