Originator Dashboards

Designed for both retail and TPO channels, our newly enhanced dashboard tools provide easy pipeline tracking, loan status updates and prompts for required actions so that originators don’t miss a beat on any loan.

View all important information in one place

Originators can configure widgets to help them prioritize loans that need their attention - allowing them to focus on creating memorable borrower experiences, closing more loans, and reducing loan abandonment.

Loan Pipeline

Users can easily view the detailed status of all loans in their pipelines and jump into any file that needs action.

Live Dashboard

Configurable widgets display important performance metrics at a glance.

Keep originators updated in real-time

Real-time updates on application activity as well as notifications at key moments ensure that originators can manage more files and deliver the best customer experience possible.

Pipeline Activity Notifications

Prompts on activity and progress notifications keep loans moving and prioritize workloads.

Customer Relationship Reminders

Track loan anniversaries and birthdays to stay connected with borrowers even after their loans have closed.

For Retail or Wholesale Lenders

Both retail mortgage originators using Horizon and mortgage brokers using Horizon Wholesale can configure the dashboard features to fit their unique workflows. View all loans, monitor originator productivity, and track volume and funding activity in a way that fits your business.

Access Rules for any Institution

No matter how your organization is structured, data within the dashboard is configurable with flexible permission options can be set up at the LO, branch, channel or division levels.

Industry Insights

Data on national averages for mortgage rates, LTVs and credit scores let originators better understand how they stack up against the competition.

Fully Customizable Workspace

Fully configurable widgets allow users to tailor their personal dashboards to their workflow.

Dashboard View

Originators can reorder, enable, or disable widgets within the dashboard to highlight what matters most.


Each widget has unique settings to display only the most relevant information.

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