We are thrilled to announce that Luminate Home Loans has chosen Cloudvirga as their trusted partner, and we couldn't be more honored. Our collaboration will focus on optimizing efficiency within Luminate's wholesale mortgage division, bringing a new level of innovation and efficiency to their operations.

As Luminate implements our Horizon Wholesale platform, they are taking a step towards enhancing their third-party origination process. Horizon Wholesale will provide Luminate brokers with enhanced visibility and control over the loan approval process, empowering them to deliver exceptional service to their customers.

With the Horizon Wholesale platform, brokers will have the ability to order essential services such as credit, verification, fee services, pricing, and mortgage insurance. They can also submit loans for underwriting, streamlining the entire application process. The platform enables brokers to generate compliant disclosures for customers to eSign, create loan scenarios, and collaborate seamlessly with Luminate.

By investing in our technology and tools, Luminate is well-positioned to fuel the growth of their third-party originations. We understand the critical role brokers play in the origination process, especially in today's environment where purchase mortgages make up the majority of transactions. Our goal is to streamline the lending experience, eliminating time-consuming processes, reducing friction, and cutting costs.

Chris Lavigne, the VP of Mortgage Technology at Luminate Home Loans, is leading Luminate's transformation in working with brokers. With new tools and technology, Luminate aims to amplify loan pull-through and deliver an exceptional customer experience. This partnership showcases our shared dedication to improving the wholesale lending experience.

In addition to our partnership, Luminate Home Loans also has a strong relationship with Informative Research, another member of the Stewart family of companies. Informative Research is a leading provider of comprehensive consumer data, including credit reports, verifications, and fraud reports. This collaboration further solidifies the trust and collaboration between Luminate and the Stewart family of companies, ensuring exceptional services and solutions for their clients.

At Cloudvirga, we take pride in working with Luminate Home Loans and providing innovative tools to enhance their wholesale mortgage division. Our continuous efforts aim to innovate within the lending industry and create a seamless experience for brokers and customers alike.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue pushing the boundaries of mortgage technology and driving progress within the industry.