Maria Moskver



Irvine, Calif.

Maria Moskver

Her approach to mortgage tech is what separates Maria Moskver from other industry leaders.

“Most mortgage technology has been created to simply fulfill a task or requirement, rather than create a positive overall experience,” she says. “My team and I are endeavoring to create an enhanced user experience across the process: a platform that helps lenders generate more loans, more referrals, and more repeated business.”  This aligns with her personal values and her company’s values.

“As a leader, I respect my team’s opinions, differences, and contributions, and encourage them to focus on their strengths and passions, which in turn drives Cloudvirga’s success,” she says.

Ethics are equally important to Moskver, 48, from integrity to work ethic. “Both are critical to the foundations of success in business and relationships,” she says. “For example, having pride in the work that is produced, or integrity in working with clients.”

Moskver sees the mortgage industry as ever-evolving in terms of innovation, regulation, and technology. “There will always be room for growth and improvement,” she says.

For her part toward that growth, Moskver and her team are helping the industry improve back-office function models, enhance the customer and loan officer experience, and deliver a true digital mortgage origination process.  “On the consumer side, our technology is helping to build trust with consumers,” she says. “Loans are being closed faster by automating borrower and back-office tasks resulting in faster speed to close, with fewer touches and lower costs.”

Rachel Drage, account supervisor at Seroka, says of Moskver, “Throughout her career, Maria has consistently demonstrated that she is a strategic thinker with a proven record of driving new business, innovation, and ensuring business objectives are being met. She has amassed significant legal expertise in acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, data privacy and security matters, consumer lending, and employment law.”

“By delivering information accurately and compliantly, automating tasks with a truly intelligent workflow, and completing complex calculations, lenders can realize the benefits of tomorrow’s digital mortgage today,” she says. “We will continue to focus on the overall enhanced experience, as opposed to just task completion, and in doing so, we will transform current capabilities, enable the customization of products, and help create new products and lines of business for the mortgage industry.”