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Cloudvirga Announces Expanded Integration with Informative Research's Verification Platform

Cloudvirga expands its integration with Informative Research to streamline verification processes in mortgage lending. The enhanced feature allows originators to access comprehensive employment and income data efficiently, significantly speeding up underwriting. This integration aims to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and enhance borrower experience.
Three Good Reasons Why Now is the Time to Update Mortgage Technology
Despite often being too busy during boom times and too cash-strapped during downturns to implement new technology, now is the perfect time for lenders to invest in mortgage automation. Leveraging available resources during the current market slowdown can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and avoid future compliance issues. Gradual digital transformation, starting with critical areas like POS and LOS solutions, allows for manageable investments and smoother transitions, ultimately positioning lenders for greater operational gains and long-term savings.

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