Closing Customers at the Point of Sale: Pipe Dream or Reality

Can You Really Run Your Whole Mortgage Process Digitally? (Hint: Yes)
Closing Customers at the Point of Sale: Pipe Dream or Reality

Tired of feeling like you have to micromanage the entire origination process to make sure things get done fast enough? Find out how Loan Advisors are blazing through origination with the platform that unifies the mortgage lending universe to make the digital mortgage a reality.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • Why mortgage tech innovations have so far failed to deliver on the promise of the digital mortgage.
  • What the surge in fintech startups means for lenders’ ability to attract and retain customers.
  • How outdated tech is hurting the customer experience and costing lenders customers.
  • How the right origination software makes it possible for Loan Advisors to both improve the customer experience and get borrower commitment during an initial conversation.
  • How to advocate for better software to ensure your ability to sell isn’t hampered by outdated tech.

Make the Digital Mortgage a Reality

Your time is precious. Your customers’ time is precious. Don’t waste any more time on manual origination. Download the ebook.

Download the eBook

 Implementing Cloudvirga’s Point-of-Sale has enabled us to improve the user experience for both our clients and loan officers by moving them into a functional online platform. We have also been able to lower our cost per loan by having the portal handle the tasks that are normally done by a loan officer assistant and achieve new efficiencies in several other positions.

- John Sherman, President, American Financial Network

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